4 ways to keep your home gym clean




1. Clean, clean and more clean

Even the places you might not expect. Michaela disinfects equipment and mops the floor every night to clean up sweat, but also wipes down hand weights and mirrors – any nook and cranny where germs can hide! Try making your own at-home solution with eucalyptus oil and water.

2. Wash sweat towels regularly

While the main ingredients in sweat include sodium, chloride and potassium, none of these are responsible for the all too familiar stench – that you can blame on bacteria. “The used sweat towels we provide at the studio smell unpleasant after a few hours. That’s because the bacteria in the sweat starts to break down the protein into acids,” says Fellner.

If your commercial workout space offers complimentary sweat towels, ensure they are being steamed by a specialist cleaning company so that the bacteria is completely killed off. If you are an at-home kinda gal, wash your sweat towels after every use to avoid any ickiness.

3. Clean sweaty gym clothes

When it comes to hygiene, you can’t neglect the clothes that are literally on your back while you’re sweating up a storm. If you want to ensure you remove the terrible smell of ammonia that lingers in your gym gear, try Fellner’s hot tip:

“White vinegar is a powerful odour neutraliser and works wonders on sweaty activewear fabrics. Fill your washing machine with water, then add 1/3 cup of white vinegar. Soak and then wash as normal,” she suggests.

4. Don’t forget your shoes

Use shoe deodorant or spray-on fabric deodoriser and antibacterial spray on your trainers to keep them clean and remove any odours. You can also create a solution of soap and water to scrub your shoes clean, or wipe with bleach. Be sure to air out and dry (you’ve learnt what grows in damp places, need we remind you).